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     Carotenoid Complex is a nutritional supplement that offers the full optimal amount of carotenoids present in vegetables and fruits.

     Carotenoids are pigmented substances that give color to vegetables and fruits. About 600 carotenoids are known to date. Carotenoids contain substances that protect the body. Carotenoids are free protective substances against free radicals and free oxygen that irritate and oxidize the cell (if free oxygen can act freely, it can damage the DNA of the cell and cause genetic mutations).
     NeoLife considers Carotenoid Complex to be the most important dietary supplement. It contains more than a hundred different natural carotenoids. Product development took 7 years. In the production of Carotenoid Complex, there are only tested fruits and vegetables: tomatoes, carrots, spinach, red peppers, strawberries, apricots and peaches. The resulting carotenoids are dissolved in olive oil and placed in gelatin capsules, where the active ingredients are in a nitrogen-containing medium to prevent oxidation. The product contains alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) and lecithin.
     The human body is unable to synthesize carotenoids, so it is necessary to get it with food. Carotenoids - Vitamin A provitamins. Carotenoids are synthesized in the body in the required amount of vitamin A, everything else is excreted in the body. Consumption of large amounts of carotenoids in products high in vitamin intake is harmless.
     Carotenoids dissolve in fat. They accumulate fat when stored in tissues in the body, neutralizing free radicals and being antioxidants in the fatty medium.
     Carotenoid Complex is a patented product. Official website with clinical trials and detailed descriptions


Protect the body from disease;

  • Accelerates healing.
  • Carotenoids are the best protection against cancer. Already, the diseases do not progress further, but decrease; even in the case of strongly dilated cancer, positive results were obtained.Also helped in cases of breast, skin, cervical and other forms of cancer.
  • helps with allergies;
  • Improves the immune system at the cellular level - researchers even call it a stimulant of the immune system.

U.S. health studies show that using Carotenoid Complex 3 units for 20 days, the body has a 37% daily rate of disease resistance.

lowers cholesterol;

Protect yourself from radiation (especially people who work with a computer);

  • excellent eye protection;
  • lung cells;
  • protected thyroid gland;
  • protects against ultraviolet rays, at the same time accelerates tanning.
  • can stop heart disease and alleviate it (heart attack, etc.).


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